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You may not be able to spend time with the character depending on their condition.

What's more, even if you spend time with them, there is a chance you will not receive the skill or increase skill points.

Normally for cases where you will not receive something, you often get the choices "Comfort them?" "Don't comfort them?"

In Best version, you already have certain skills at the beginning and do not need to obtain them.

Name # Skill Choice Comments
Kiyotaka "Taka" Ishimaru 1 Remarkable Influence Conversation with friends

Cannot converse with after turning into Ishida

2 Point increase Disaster Hood

Hard Hat

3 Steel Endurance -
4 Point increase India
Byakuya Togami 1 Cool and Collected - ※Cannot converse with in Chapter 2
2 Point increase Day trading
3 Influential Voice of Envy -
4 Point increase 55 million yen


5 Point increase -
Mondo Oowada 1 Point increase Silencer
2 Shift Down Leaving someone to die
3 Shift Up Dogs
4 Point increase -
Leon Kuwata 1 Pitcher's Rubber Arm -
2 Point increase Punk rock
3 Dynamic Vision -
Hifumi Yamada 1 Craftwork Doujinshi circle
2 Point increase All genres


3 Point increase -
4 Imagination Heresy


5 Point increase -
Yasuhiro "Hiro" Hagakure 1 Lengthy Consideration -
2 Point increase Tarot cards
3 Point increase UMA


4 Crystal Ball Fortunetelling -
5 Point increase Nazca
6 Point increase -
Sayaka Maizono 1 Voice of Gold Crane
2 Point increase -
Kyoko Kirigiri 1 Observing Eye -

Cannot converse with in chapter 4 or 5

Receive point increase in Best version.

2 Point increase Swimmer
3 Right-side Brain Unleashed -
4 Point increase Gloves
Aoi "Hina" Asahina 1 Running Towel rubdown Receive point increase in Best version.
2 Point increase Swim club
3 Point increase Donuts
4 Excellent Concentration -
5 Point increase -
6 Ambidexterity -
Toko Fukawa 1 Vocabulary Romance novels
2 Point increase -
3 Point increase Movies
4 Point increase -
5 Point increase First-person narrative


Sakura Ohgami 1 Point increase Mixed martial arts Cannot converse with during the first 2 freetime events in Chapter 4
2 Controlled Breathing Below the Navel Father
3 Point increase Hammer
4 As Clear and Serene as Still Waters -
5 Point increase -
Celestia "Celeste" Ludenberg 1 Point increase -
2 Point increase -
3 Raise Utsunomiya
4 Point increase -
5 Menacing Concentration -
6 Point increase -
Junko Enoshima 1 Point increase Karaoke all through the night

Hanging out

2 Trance -
3 Charisma -
Chihiro Fujisaki 1 Point increase -
2 Algorithm Voice input
3 Point increase Artificial intelligence
4 Cheat Code Oowada-kun


Genocider Shou

Genocide Jack/Jill

1 Trigger Happy - ※Must complete Toko Fukawa first
2 Point increase Positive/Genki
3 Point increase -

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