Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate (Kokichi)'s Clothes no evidence
Multiple Choice The sleeve of the jacket -
Rebuttal Showdown (Kaito)'s Coat put his arms through
Nonstop Debate Safety Function (Kaito) got crushed to death
Select Truth Bullet Swipe Pattern Bloodstain -
Spot Selection Hole on sleeve -
Select Truth Bullet Crossbow -
Nonstop Debate Bathroom Window from inside the hangar
Mass Panic Debate (K1-B0)'s Account empty-handed
Nonstop Debate Crossbow didn't even use
Multiple Choice (Kaito Momota) -
Select Truth Bullet (Kokichi)'s Clothes -
Multiple Choice (Kaito Momota) -
Debate Scrum Exisal
Arrow Holes
Nonstop Debate Three Arrows only one arrow
Psyche Taxi Q1: 1
Q2: No
Q3: A third paty
Hangman's Gambit Exisal -
Nonstop Debate Used Electrohammer all the hammers
Select (Maki Harukawa) -
Rebuttal Showdown Poison wouldn't result in a fatal
Multiple Choice All of us -
Multiple Choice The control panel being damaged -
Nonstop Debate Electrobomb 100% certainty
Multiple Choice Disable the press's safety function -
Multiple Choice (Kaito)'s cause of death -
Select Truth Bullet Hydraulic Press -
Multiple Choice It is not possible -
Voting Time (It doesn't matter) -
Multiple Choice Watching him -
Select Truth Bullet Murder Video -
Hangman's Gambit Victim -
Nonstop Debate Hydraulic Press hydraulic press stopped
Mind Mine Force stop button -
Mind Mine Camera -
Spot Selection The switch on the yellow platform -
Multiple Choice The other person in the hangar -
Hangman's Gambit Victim helped -
Accuse (Kaito Momota) -
Closing Argument - -
Nonstop Debate Lie: (Kokichi)'s Disappearence -> (Kokichi) Spotted (Kokichi)'s the one who died
Voting Time (Kaito Momota) -