If You Want Donuts, Prepare For Despair


Chapter 05's Artwork

DAY 21Edit

Martial Arts Dojo

  • Move up from 4th floor to 5th floor.
  • Investigate cherry blossoms
  • Talk to person in center of the room.

School Garden

  • Examine administration panel near the entrance.
  • Examine chicken coop to get closer to it.
  • After getting close to it, get further away.
  • Examine giant flower.
  • Examine storeroom to get closer to it.
  • After examining the pickaxe, leave the storeroom.
  • Talk to the persons there.


  • Examine bloodstain.
  • Examine white body outline.
  • After examining, go out and examine the door of the Biology room.

Biology Room

  • Examine door.

Dining Hall

  • Talk to everyone.
  • Reaction "Super huge plant."
  • Reaction "Chicken coop."
  • Reaction "Storeroom."
  • Reaction "The school building's construction."

Own Room

  • Examine room door.

Bath House

  • Talk to the person there.

DAY 22Edit

Dining Hall

  • Go to the dining hall.

Free Time #1

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Genocider

Free Time #2

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Genocider

DAY 23Edit

Own Room

  • Examine desk drawer.

Dining Hall

  • Talk to person there.
  • Reaction "Where everyone else is."


  • Talk to person in the center of the room.

4th Floor

  • Examine door of the headmaster's office.

Sprinting Despair Junk Food of Youth - Abnormal Days

DAY 23Edit

School Garden

  • After examining victim, there is an event.
  • Examine the victim once more to get closer.
  • Examine what appears to be a magic marker next to the victim.

4th Floor

  • Examine door of the Info processing room.
  • Examine once more the door of the Info processing room.

Info Processing Room

  • Examine the monitors.
  • Examine the monitor on top of the cardboard box.
  • Examine the door.

Investigation TimeEdit

Info Processing Room

  • After event, receive word bullet "Monokuma File 5."

School Garden

  • Examine upper body of victim, receive word bullet "Peculiarities of the (exploded) corpse."
  • Examine victim's hand, receive word bullets "Fake nails" and "Tattoo on right hand."
  • After examining other possible places (White gown, bottom half of the body), get away from the corpse.
  • Examine ground in front of victim, receive word bullet "Fragment nearby the corpse."
  • Examine knife on the ground nearby victim, receive word bullet "Knife at the crime scene."
  • Examine sprinkler's control panel, receive word bullet "Sprinklers."
  • Examine animal pen, receive word bullet "Chicken in chicken coop."
  • enter the tool shed and Examine white cloth, receive word bullet "tarp."
  • Talk to person in front of you on the right, receive word bullet "Corpse (before it exploded)."
  • Talk to person in inner left of the room, receive word bullet "Transition of time for the murder."
  • Talk to person in front of you on the left.
  • Reaction "Talk."
  • Receive word bullet "(Togami's) testimony.
  • Talk once more to person on the left.


  • Examine object in front of you, update word bullet "Fragment nearby the corpse."

School Garden

  • Talk to person in front of you on the left.

(Kyouko Kirigiri's) Room

  • Talk to the person standing in front of the room to open the door so you can go in.
  • Examine table top, receive word bullet "Wooden plate."
  • Talk to person in the room.
  • Examine bed, receive word bullets "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) profile" and "(Monokuma's) testimony."

Martial Arts Dojo

  • Examine lockers on the right side, receive word bullets "Duralumin arrows" and "Bloodstained packing tape."

Archives Room

  • Talk to person inside, update word bullet "(Mukuro Ikusaba's) profile."

Elevator Hallway

  • Talk with remaining person, receive word bullet "(Kyouko Kirigiri's) testimony."

Class TrialEdit

PHASE Type Remarks, etc. Word Bullets, etc. Comments
- Multiple Choice - Kyoko's gloves
1 Nonstop Debate must've been wearing gloves (Fake Nails)
2 Nonstop Debate We can't identify the body (Tattoo on the right hand)
- Choose Word Bullet - (Mukuro Ikusaba's Profile)
3 Insight Anagram Wolf
- Multiple Choice - Makoto and Kyoko
- Multiple Choice - At 9 o'clock
4 Nonstop Debate 10 o'clock at night (Sprinklers)
5 Machine Gun Talk Battle - (Exploded Body Analysis)
- Choose Word Bullet (Tarp)
6 Nonstop Debate didn't get dirty! (Body Before the Explosion)
- Choose Word Bullet - (Chicken Coop Chickens) Receive word bullet "Disguised Dead Body"
7 Nonstop Debate getting stabbed (Disguised Dead Body)
- Choose Word Bullet - (Monokuma File #5)
- Choose Word Bullet - (Fragments Near the Dead Body)
8 Nonstop Debate The victim's fatal injury

Record word bullet Hit on the back of her head

- Choose Word Bullet - (Titanium Arrows)
9 Nonstop Debate Too thin (Bloody Duct Tape)
- Choose Word Bullet - (Woodblock Key)
10 Nonstop Debate There's proof

Record word bullet The locker key in my own room

- Multiple Choice - Question or don't question the lie (If you decide to question her lie, you move on to Phase 11 and watch a different(?) ending. Afterwards, you go back to this multiple choice again. If you decide not to question her lie, you move onto the correct route.)
11 Nonstop Debate gotten into my room (Kyoko's Account)


(Basement Trash Dump)

  • Examine the door.
  • Examine garbage bags.
  • Talk to person there.
  • Listen through Reactions.

Present obtained: Dreamland Rocket

Save point.

Onto Chapter 6

Monokuma MedalEdit

Room Location
Dining hall Security camera
Kitchen Vegetables
Big public bath Bathtub
Laundry room Washer on far right
Trash room Basement door
Entrance lobby Door in front
School store Bottom shelf
5-A Windows
5-B Monitor
Martial Arts Dojo Armor
Martial Arts Dojo Targets
Martial Arts Dojo Straw posts
School Garden Giant flower
School Garden Sprinklers
School Garden Manure in the storeroom
School Garden Lawnmower in the storeroom
5-C Security camera
Own room Memo notebook
Own room Trash can

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