Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate Small Bottle of Poison Poisoned her
Select Truth Bullet Killing Game Simulator -
Nonstop Debate (Miu)'s Corpse strangulation
Select Truth Bullet Toilet Paper -
Rebuttal Showdown Killing Game Simulator tear
Multiple Choice (Miu Iruma) -
Nonstop Debate (Miu and Kokichi)'s Meeting met up with someone
Multiple Choice Kill (Kokichi) -
Psyche Taxi Q1: (Miu Iruma)
Q2: The Virtual World
Q3: To divert attention
Nonstop Debate Login/Logout Record (Miu) couldn't have placed the posion
Select Truth Bullet Cell Phone -
Nonstop Debate (Tsumugi)'s Account at the chapel
Nonstop Debate Wall Added by (Miu) A hidden route that only (Miu) could use


(Miu)'s Avatar She's not just an object
Select Truth Bullet Loud Noise -
Mind Mine Mirai Hills Sign -
Psyche Taxi Q1: River
Q2: Chapelside
Q3: Mansionside
Q4: Against the current
Select Truth Bullet Wall Added by (Miu) -
Multiple Choice Downstream and upstream connect -
Multiple Choice They're the same wall -
Hangman's Gambit World loops -
Spot Selection Map loading point -
Multiple Choice Miu hitting the wall -
Hangman's Gambit Slid off roof -
Nonstop Debate Lattice Near the Chapel nothing like that around
Select (Kokichi Oma) -
Mind Mine Also, I never went to the roof, not even for the meeting -
Nonstop Debate Lie: (Kokichi) in the Salon -> (Kokichi) Not in the Salon in the salon the whole time
Nonstop Debate Setting on (Kokichi)'s Avatar kept strangling her
Debate Scrum Culprit
Entrance Hall
Multiple Choice After logging out of the Virtual World -
Select Truth Bullet Avatar Error -
Hangman's Gambit Memory loss -
Mass Panic Debate Device Instructions there was no glitch
Multiple Choice They couldn't access the crime scene -
Multiple Choice He was logged out -
Multiple Choice We have solid alibis -
Multiple Choice He couldn't have killed (Miu) -
Accuse (Gonta Gokuhara) -
Spot Selection Binoculars -
Voting Time (Gonta Gokuhara) -

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