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Chapter 04's Artwork

DAY 16Edit

Kibougamine Academy's 3rd Floor Hallway, in front of up staircase

  • Investigate the stairs going up to the 4th floor to go up.

Kibougamine Academy's 4th Floor Hallway

  • Investigate door of headmaster's office.
  • Investigate door of info processing room.

Music Room

  • Talk to the person there.
  • Choose (Can only choose Don't Say)

Faculty Office

  • Examine photo on the floor.

Chemistry Room

  • Investigate shelves.

After examining Headmaster's office (Door), Info Processing Room (Door), Music Room, Faculty Office, and Chemistry Room, there is an event.

Dining Hall

  • Talk to everyone.
  • School rule is added.

Bath House

  • Go to bath house.
  • Talk to person in the center of the room.
  • Examine laptop.


Dining Hall

  • Go to dining hall.
  • Talk to person who is 2nd from the right.


Free Time #1

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Ogami, Genocider

Characters who are depressed

  • None

Free Time #2

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Ogami, Fukawa

Characters who are depressed

  • None



  • Go to gymnasium for event.


Dining Hall

  • Go to dining hall for event.


Free Time #1

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Genocider

Characters who are depressed

  • Ohgami, Asahina

Free Time #2

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Kirigiri, Ohgami,Asahina, Genocider

DAY 19Edit

Dining Hall

  • Leave own room for event.
  • Head to the dining hall.


  • Talk to person on the right.
  • Reaction "Quarrel."
  • After event, talk to remaining persons.
  • Reaction "That incident."
  • Reaction "Other things I want to talk about."

Bath House

  • Examine laptop.
  • Choose "The 2nd floor's..."

2nd Floor Boys Bathroom

  • Examine stall with cleaning tools.


  • Examine desk.

Own Room

  • Examine door.

2nd Floor

  • Talk to person standing in front of Recreation room.
All All Apologies - Abnormal Days

Investigation TimeEdit

Recreation Room

  • After event, receive Truth Bullet "Monokuma File 4."
  • Examine victim for Truth Bullet "Condition of the victim's corpse."
  • Examine dotted paper at the victim's feet, receive Truth Bullet "Red polka-dotted candy wrapper."
  • Examine red stuff on floor behind the victim, receive Truth bullets "Glass fragments on the floor" and "Figure on the floor."
  • Examine bloodstain in front of the magazine rack, receive Truth Bullet "Bloodstain in front of magazine rack."
  • Examine shelf next to magazine rack, receive Truth Bullet "Monokuma Bottle."
  • Examine locker, receive Truth Bullet "Handprint on the locker."
  • Examine container on the floor near the entrance of the room, receive Truth Bullet "Empty protein container."
  • After examining both "Entrance doorway" and "Chair near the entrance," receive Truth Bullet "Recreation room's door."
  • Talk to person on the right, receive Truth Bullet "*******'s testimony."
  • (After talking to the person on the right) talk to the person on the left to receive Truth Bullet "********'s testimony."
  • Last of all, talk to the person in center of the room to be able to leave the recreation room.

1st Floor Dorms

  • Examine room two doors down from Naegi.
  • Reaction "Tell."
  • Receive Truth Bullet "********'s testimony."

Investigate room that is 2 doors away from the Trash room.

  • Reaction "Business."
  • Receive Truth Bullet "Garbage from pocket."

Chemistry Room

  • Examine shelf of drugs to get closer to shelves.
  • Examine shelf A,B, and C, receive Truth Bullet "Chemistry room's drug shelf."
  • (After examining footprints on the floor,) Examine powder nearby to receive Truth Bullet "Footprints in the powder."
  • Examine broken container, receive Truth Bullet "Cause of the powder spill."

Recreation Room

  • Examine victim to receive Truth Bullets "Yellow powder on feet" and "(Kirigiri's) testimony after examining the body."
  • Examine shelf with Monokuma bottles, receive Truth Bullet "Experiment with Monokuma bottles."
  • Examine magazine rack, receive Truth Bullet "Dying Message in Magazine."

Class TrialEdit

PHASE Type Remarks, etc. Truth Bullets, etc. Comments
1 Nonstop Debate Just because of that (Aoi's) Account
2 Nonstop Debate I never saw her ※(Hagakure's words) Pocket Trash
- Multiple Choice - When (Sakura) got the candy
- Multiple Choice - On the magazine shelf
3 Nonstop Debate (Orge's) body was discovered

Memorize Truth Bullet

Magazine Shelf

4 Machine Gun Talk Battle - (Kyoko's) Examination Summary
- Multiple Choice - Why the magazine was hidden
- Multiple Choice - (Toko Fukawa)
5 Nonstop Debate Just Once (Kyoko's) Examination Summary
6 Hangman's Gambit (Chess piece)
- Multiple Choice - It was broken
- Choose Truth Bullet - Monokuma Bottle Experiment
- Multiple Choice - (Sakura's) second attacker
7 Machine Gun Talk Battle - Locker handprints Additional element "Finishing Blow," where you must choose the appropriate Truth bullet
8 Nonstop Debate in front of the shelf Status of (Sakuras) body
- Choose Truth Bullet - Magazine shelf Bloodstain
- Multiple Choice - I saw it for myself
9 Nonstop Debate The shot to her head Monokuma File 4
- Multiple Choice - Section A
10 Hangman's Gambit Protein Drink
- Multiple Choice - A protein drink
- Choose Truth Bullet - Footprints in the powder
- Multiple Choice - (Makoto and Hina)
11 Nonstop Debate From Section C to Section A Footprints in the powder
- Multiple Choice - The rec room window
- Multiple Choice - Section A of the shelf
12 Nonstop Debate The rec room was unlocked! Empty protein drink
- Multiple Choice - (Sakura)
13 Machine Gun Talk Battle - Yellow Powder
- Identify the Person - (Sakura Ogami)
- Multiple Choice - (Sakura wanted to create locked room)
- Climax Inference - -Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random-


Own Room

  • Talk to person in the room.
  • Reaction "Request."
  • Leave room.

Present obtained: Alter Ball

Save point.

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Monokuma MedalEdit

Room Location
Kitchen Monitor
Laundry room 3rd washer from the left
Laundry room Vending machine
Trash room Switch
Storehouse Shelf on the left
Storehouse Center right shelf
1-B Clock
School store Bottom shelf
Music room Grand piano
Faculty office Flowers on the desk (5 places total)
4-A Monitor
4-B Security camera
Chemistry room Monitor
Chemistry room Security camera
Own room Sticky tape
Own room Trash can