Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate Monokuma File 2 And he was eaten alive
Multiple Choice Before the show started -
Nonstop Debate Water Tank Trick secret hatch
Rebuttal Showdown Wet Staircase would have been water
Multiple Choice She changed her uniform -
Nonstop Debate Gonta's Account no one saw anything
Nonstop Debate Square Glass Pane body and piranhas were separated
Select Truth Bullet Crammed Piranhas -
Multiple Choice Yesterday, before nighttime -
Select Truth Bullet Witnessing Royama -
Mass Panic Debate Kokichi's Account did not stay at the gym
Multiple Choice Miu Iruma -
Multiple Choice Maki Harukawa -
Select (Kokichi Oma) -
Nonstop Debate Lie: (Maki) Alone -> (Maki) Not Alone prove that this meeting took place
Debate Scrum Announcement
Multiple Choice The ladder doesn't reach the window -
Nonstop Debate Pool Rules only place that fits is the pool
Select Truth Bullet Scratched Sink -
Select Truth Bullet Scratched Handcuffs -
Spot Selection Window -
Psyche Taxi Q1: Lab window
Q2: Gym window
Q3: From window to window
Spot Selection Rope -
Select Truth Bullet Tennis Net Cable -
Hangman's Gambit Ropeway -
Mind Mine Inner tube -
Multiple Choice It was nighttime -
Accuse (Kirumi Tojo) -
Nonstop Debate Alibis For Yesterday could have been done by anyone
Rebuttal Showdown Marked Window Frame But there is no evidence
Select Truth Bullet Black Piece of Fabric -
Argument Armament (KI RU MI'S GLOVES) -
Closing Argument Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random -
Voting Time (Kirumi Tojo) -