Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate (Rantaro)'s Belongings (Rantaro) was masterminding the whole thing
Nonstop Debate (Korekiyo)'s Account never went to the library
Multiple Choice Cospox -
Mass Panic Debate (Maki)'s Account (Rantaro)'s
Nonstop Debate Sliding Door With that sliding door
Spot Selection Projector screen -
Nonstop Debate Moving Bookcase no obstacles
Select Truth Bullet Hidden Door Photos -
Nonstop Debate Card Reader Dust hidden door
Rebuttal Showdown Front Entrance Photos rejoin everyone
Select Truth Bullet Stacked Books -
Multiple Choice The security sensor going off -
Nonstop Debate Hidden Door Photos the moving bookcase
Nonstop Debate Lie: Receiver on Shuichi -> Receiver on Kaede also had the receiver
Debate Scrum Intervals
Multiple Choice The camera flash -
Multiple Choice To lure the mastermind closer -
Accuse (Kaede Akamatsu) -
Nonstop Debate Lookout Classroom We know that it was in the library
Hangman's Gambit Vent -
Nonstop Debate Stacked Books it started rollin' on its own
Multiple Choice (Miu Iruma) -
Multiple Choice When she was leaving the classroom -
Nonstop Debate Promotional Video BGM The library shoulda been quiet
Multiple Choice Backpack -
Argument Armament KILL THE MASTER MIND -
Closing Argument Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random -
Voting Time Kaede Akamatsu -