Class TrialEdit

Type Truth Bullet, etc. Weak point
Nonstop Debate Bloodstain Under the Table moved the body
Select Truth Bullet Knife -
Nonstop Debate Night-vision goggles (Byakuya) couldn't see
Rebuttal Showdown Duralumin Case The killer brought them to the crime scene
Multiple choice Duct tape -
Select Truth Bullet Murder threat -
Multiple Choice Glowing paint -
Nonstop Debate (Nekomaru's) Account before the blackout
Nonstop Debate Party dishes Laxatives
Nonstop Debate Irons in Storage Room caused a power surge
Rebuttal Showdown A/C Timer irons caused the blackout
Spot Selection desk lamp -
Multiple choice The power cord -
Select Someone! (Nagito Komaeda) -
Multiple choice (When he was cleaning) -
Multiple choice (Ultimate Lucky Student) -
Nonstop Debate (Mikan's Autopsy Report) knife he hid
Select Truth Bullet (Ibuki's) Account -
Multiple Choice Because there's no blood on (Nagito) -
Select Truth Bullet Storage Room Tablecloth -
Hangman's Gambit Under The Floor -
Select Someone! (Gundham Tanaka) -
Nonstop Debate (Chiaki's) Account no alibi
Nonstop Debate Kitchen Equipment List used a light
Rebuttal Showdown Fire Door (Kazuichi) have seen
Select Someone! (Teruteru Hanamura) -
Select Truth Bullet Knife -
Nonstop Debate Gaps in Floorboard I was in the dining hall
Select Truth Bullet Embarrassing Pose -
Hangman's Gambit Iron Skewer -
Panic Talk Action MeatOnTheBone -
Closing Argument Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random