To Survive - Daily Life

To Survive is the first chapter in the 2010 PSP title Danganronpa, and its 2014 PS Vita port Trigger Happy Havoc, which officially translated for western audiences by NIS America.


After event, wake up in your own room. 

  • Investigate desk top to obtain "Room key." 
  • Examine the poster on the wall. 
  • Examine the door of the shower room next to the monitor. 
  • Examine the drawer behind the bed. 
  • Examine the door of your room to go outside.

Go outside. Event when you enter the hallway. 

Dining Hall

  • Go to dining hall.
  • Talk to Sayaka. 
  • Choose "What I want to confirm" through Reaction.
  • Event when you examine the clock.
  • Talk to Sayaka and listen to all Reactions.
  • Talk to Sayaka for event.


Own Room 

  • Examine the door of your shower room next to the monitor for event. 


After event, go out into the hallway Edit

  • Go to Sayaka's room. (Sayaka's room is next to Makoto's).
  • Through Reaction, choose "My request." 
  • Instant transfer to a location using the Map in your eHandbook Menu becomes possible.

  • Go to the gymnasium. 
  • Find coins in the headpiece and haniwa on the shelf.
  • Investigate the sword on the shelf where a shield and things are hanging.
  • Talk with Sayaka.
  • Press "Dream" in Reaction.
  • After the event, return to your room.
  • Becomes DAY TIME. noooooo!!!!!!!


Free Time

You may skip this by returning to bed to sleep if you wish.

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • Everyone except Sayaka


Free Time

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • None


Free Time

Characters you cannot spend time with

  • None


Own Room

  • Investigate your front door
  • Talk with the visitor

Dining Hall 

  • Go to the dining hall 
  • Event when you talk to the person standing front and center. 
  • Reaction "That homocide killer." 


Audiovisual Room 

  • Go to the audiovisual room. 
  • Examine cardboard box. 
  • Examine DVD deck where the cardboard box is sitting on.

Room 1-A 

  • Go to 1-A. 
  • Talk to the person there.


Own Room

  • Investigate your front door.
  • Talk with the visitor.
  • Reaction "Strange thing." 

Maizono's Room 

  • Investigate trash can.
  • Investigate bed.



Own Room 

  • Investigate shower room. 

To Survive - Deadly Life



  • Event
  • Talk to Kirigiri and Celes.
  • Investigate the corpse.

Investigation TimeEdit


  • Word Bullet received: "Monokuma File #1"
  • Leave gymnasium and go to own room.

Own Room

  • Examine drawer behind the bed. Receive word bullet "Toolkit."
  • Examine the sheath on the floor. Receive truth bullet "Replica Sword Sheath."
  • Examine the blade of the sword near its sheath. Receive truth bullet "Replica Sword."
  • Examine the key on the floor. Receive truth bullet "Switching Rooms."
  • Examine marks on the walls. Receive truth bullet "Evidence of a Struggle."
  • Examine the lint roller on the floor.
  • Talk to Kyoko.
  • Reaction: "very unusual." Receive truth buttlet "Makoto's Room Cleanliness."
  • Investigate the shower room.

Shower Room

  • Examine Sayaka's corpse, receive truth bullet "Sayaka's Wrist."
  • Examine the number's written on the wall, just behind the victim's body.

Own Room

  • Reaction: "bloody numbers"/"dying message."
  • Receive truth bullets "Dying message" and "Bathroom Doorframe"
  • Examine door of shower room, receive word bullet "Bathroom Doorknob."
  • Go outside.

Dormitory 1st Floor

  • Click on Makoto's room's door, and then Sayaka's. Receive truth bullet "Dorm Nameplates."
  • Go inside Sayaka's dorm, which now has Makoto's nameplate.

Sayaka's Room

  • Examine the trash can.
  • Go outside.

A/V Room

  • Examine DVD deck.
  • Go back to the dorms, then head to the trash room.

Trash Room

  • Examine the bars blocking the rest of the room. Receive truth bullet "Cleaning Duty."
  • Go outside the dorms and find Taka, just outside the main hall.

Hope's Peak 1st Floor

  • Talk to Taka to find out who is in charge of cleaning duty.

Dormitory 1st Floor

  • Go back to the dorms and talk to Hifumi.
  • Return to the trash room.

Trash Room 

  • Examine incinerator. Receive truth bullet "Incinerator."
  • Examine the white thing just below the incinerator. Receive truth bullet "Burnt Shirt Piece."
  • Examine the shards of glass near the burnt shirt piece. Receive truth bullet "Shattered Crystal Ball".
  • After this, go back to the gym.


  • Talk to Hiro. The truth bullet "Shattered Crystal Ball" will be updated.
  • Go to the Dining Hall, and enter the kitchen.


  • Examine the knives hanging on the wall. Receive truth bullet "Kitchen Knife Set."
  • After this, go back to the dining hall and talk to Hina. Receive truth bullet "Aoi's Account."

Hope's Peak 1st Floor

  • Open the large red door.

Red Door

  • Go inside the elevator door to begin the class trial.

Class TrialEdit

PHASE Type Contradictions Truth Bullets
1 Nonstop Debate Didn't even have a chance to resist Evidence of a Struggle
2 Nonstop Debate Some random knife Kitchen Knife Set
3 Nonstop Debate When nobody was in the d-dining hall Aoi's Account
- Multiple Choice - Sayaka
4 Hangman's Gambit - H, A, I, R
- Choose Truth Bullet - Bathroom Doorknob
5 Nonstop Debate Locked it Bathroom Doorframe
- Multiple Choice - The crime took place in my room
- Choose Truth Bullet - Switching Rooms
6 Nonstop Debate The room that Makoto was staying in Dorm Nameplates
- Multiple Choice - Sayaka
- Choose Truth Bullet - Sayaka's Wrist
7 Nonstop Debate Sword-based sneak attack Replica Sword Sheath
- Multiple Choice - Her palms
- Multiple Choice - The water was off
- Multiple Choice - Sayaka
8 Nonstop Debate Just aren't any more clues Dying Message
- Multiple Choice - Left index finger
- Identify the Person - Leon Kuwata
- Choose Truth Bullet - Burnt Shirt Piece
- Multiple Choice - How it was disposed of
9 Nonstop Debate You'd have to get close to the incinerator Shattered Crystal Ball
- Multiple Choice - Throw it
- Multiple Choice - Ultimate Baseball Star
- Closing Argument - -Scenes to fit into each panel are displayed at random-
10 Bullet Time Battle - Toolkit

Present obtained: Despair Bat

Save point. 

Onto Chapter 2.

Monokuma CoinsEdit

Room Location
Own Room Trash can
Sayaka's Room Bed
Dining Hall Security camera
Kitchen Vegetables
Kitchen Display case
Laundry room Dried bathing suit
Laundry room 2nd washer from the right
Laundry room Washer in the center
Trash room Door in the floor
Trash room Switch on right side of the shutters
Trash room Green trash can
Boys bathroom in 1st floor dorms Water tank
Gymnasium hall Headpiece
Gymnasium hall Haniwa
Gymnasium hall Monitor
School store Bottom shelf
1-A Clock
1-B Security camera
Audiovisual room DVD deck in center-front
Entrance lobby Lettercase